Macintosh User Group-Daytona


Welcome to the MOMA MUG (Midnight Oil Macintosh Association, Mac Users Group) website.  Our purpose is to support and educate  iPhone, iPad and Macintosh Computer owners in the East Central Florida Area.

This website is intended to facilitate the dissemination of Apple product related information to new as well as experienced Mac, iPhone and iPad users.

Our meetings are held on Tuesdays from 3:15 till 4:45.  Dates for 2018 are listed on the “Meetings Page”.

Websites of interest are listed on the “Helpful Web Sites Page”.  Just Added 3/23/2018 “How to Delete Your Facebook Account"

Assistance used by Members are listed on the “Local Assistance Page”.

Relevant articles copied from online sources are found on the “Articles of Interest Page”.

Members selling used equipment are listed on the “Member Sales Page”.

A Map of the area around the Port Orange Library can be found on the “Map Page”.

Our Mailing Address:

Bill Rogers-MOMA

125 Brown Crane Ct

Daytona Beach, FL 32119 © WILLIAM ROGERS 2017