Helpful Web Sites

These internet sites provide quality training for iPhone, iPad, Mac Computers and associated software.  In addition, they review products and applications.  

Please contact the editor if you find another worthwhile site.

  • Apple has an app ‘Apple Suport’ for iPhones that is a simplified method to reach Apple Support for devices in or out of warrantee. This service is currently free. 

  • Tech Talk America has an expanding portfolio of training and reviews used by many of our member to stay current on Apple software and products.  Most presentations are free, however David always appreciates a donation if you are pleased with their service.

  • Dotto Tech is dedicated to helping you learn more about technology.  Steve does in-person as well as online seminars.  Steve hosts a new seminar every Wednesday.

  • Daytona Beach Computer Learning Center is a local non-profit organization that provides low cost PC, iPhone, iPad instruction especially designed for Seniors. © WILLIAM ROGERS 2017